For anyone who is not already among the millions who are avid readers of Brain Pickings, I cannot recommend it enough. At Brain Pickings you will find someone intelligent and thoughtful and enormously well-read to guide you through not only reading, but life. Basically, don’t bother dropping in here, go straight to Brain Pickings.

Brain Pickings has been going for ten years now. For the tenth anniversary last month, October 2016, a list of 10 Learnings gleaned over that time was posted. Each and every ‘learning’ speaks to what it is to be truly human. I am trying to hold in my heart the advice on generosity and idealism and cynicism.

But the learning that nourishes me as a writer is at number 4 on the Brain Pickings list. When I wrote about pockets as something we all need in My Great White Whale post I should have extended myself a little bit more. To help creativity, at No. 4, we are told to build pockets of stillness into our lives.

The busy work year has come to an end and the hope of big pockets of stillness is high. Creativity loiters in daydreaming and even boredom (I am so relieved I am not the only one saying this). I can feel ideas massing, ready to break through into consciousness.

Time to write. Or to go and spend a few hours over at Brain Pickings.



I have resisted the urge to use an image of an exposed human brain to capture the intent of this post. Blueberries are great brain food, right?


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