The jacarandas are magnificent this year. The town is awash with their particular shade of blue-purple. The path into town is a carpet of petals.

They are my calendar, telling me where we are in the year. Late, late, late!

I am reminded of one of the first poems I had published, when I was young and sentimental. So many dreams undone!


Jacaranda Bloom

The jacaranda is out again

A shatter of colour

against summer green

A reminder of all the things not done

since last year’s bloom


Time lost

walking crab-wise

across the year

Wisdom crabbed

with sideways looks

not daring to turn far from the day

to see the day beyond


So now a cloud of jacaranda blue

to lighten the heart

Grips instead at dreams undone



NOTE: My hand itched to edit this poem but I resisted.

First published in Centoria, 1998.


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