Writing, that gorgeously amazing luxury of going into a world you have created, living there, and then crafting it onto the page.

Writing, that great masochistic endeavour, wasting life sitting alone, wagering on some long shot of being published.

How many rejections can a writer take, even when they’ve been inoculated by the addictive rush of creating something out of nothing?

There’s some advice over at Literary Hub to think about. Kim Liao writes with a clear eye on ‘Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year.’ She brings out the big guns and quotes from Stephen King and Samuel Beckett. Her challenge ends up sounding irresistible. Don’t aim on getting a few acceptances for your work, rather aim high, go for 100 rejections. If you expect everything to come back with a negative, who knows what will be happen along the way.

Liao’s good sense almost takes the sting out of each and every rejection.





Even rejection in 6th century China looks enervating. Don’t let anything show on your face!




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