The multi-verse is a twitter with talk of Wonder Woman, the movie. There are bad reviews and good reviews and feminists reviews and reviews of reviews deemed sexist. The conversation doesn’t need another voice. But I’ll put in my tuppence worth anyway. I blogged about Doctor Strange when his origin story came out, so perhaps I owe equal space.

I didn’t hear any of the anticipatory storm about yet another superhero movie. I must have been hiding under a rock. When it comes to the Marvel vs DC divide, I have been firmly on the other side anyway, but suddenly the image of DC’s Wonder Woman was everywhere. And isn’t she magnificent.

Heart on my sleeve, I loved every minute of this very long movie. I loved that the Princess Bride, Buttercup, has grown up to be a sinewy warrior who teaches Diana – one day to be Wonder Woman – all the right moves. I love that Diana can kick-arse and exude tenderness and compassion. I love that love of the romantic variety is not the trajectory, nor is true love’s kiss the reward, for our heroine.

Is it a feminist superhero story? What does that mean anyway?

All I know is that Wonder Woman has found a massive audience. I snuck into a Tuesday morning session and noticed I’d lowered the average age in the cinema considerably. Grey haired women had come out in droves. We’ve been waiting a long time for a female superhero to get her own thoughtful and well-made movie.

In the chatter as everyone filed out, many were admitting to shedding a tear. I know I felt ready to take on the world.






The Amazons have been around forever. Here are some depicted in the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle.


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