I am trying to imagine the creatives sitting around and coming up with this idea. Were they bored, or high, or bored and high? Or maybe they’d been challenged by the unlikely (and some say successful) pairing of Jane Austen and monsters. See for example ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,’ ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.’ (Go on! They might not be as bad as they sound).

But really how far can you go? Well, these creatives somehow came up with a marriage between DC Comics and Looney Tunes.

And yet, for all my disparaging preamble, I did actually enjoy the comic book pairing of Batman and Elmer Fudd released in June 2017.

The most unlikely element in this is how serious ‘Pway for Me’ is. The visual aesthetics are fully Gotham noir. The characters are drawn as more realistically human – Elmer Fudd himself a jowly man with his distinctive deerstalker hat, Bugs Bunny scrawny with bucked teeth, the stubs of his carrots lingering in ashtrays. Bruce Wayne broods. Of course there is a woman for him and Elmer Fudd to come into conflict over.

I have yet to explore Wonder Woman and the Tazmanian Devil (?!) and the other offerings in this venture, as I have been sent off down some other roads untrodden, as I asked myself, who in fiction would I match up to make sparks fly?

Is this too obvious: Catherine from ‘Wuthering Heights’ meets Darcy for ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ while Elizabeth Bennet runs into Heathcliff. Wouldn’t that to be a Ball to write about – eyes across a crowded room.

Or Harry Potter becomes besotted by Bella, and surely he’s a better bet than a vampire or a werewolf?

To escape the romantic tropes – consider Bambi’s mother leaving her body and cyborg-ised, joining the cast of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (manga or anime, not Hollywood block buster).

Then there’s Arthur Dent back at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and running into Dr Who. In fact, why has this not already happened? Why!







The 1947 image of the Looney Tunes title is now in the public domain. Thank you!


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