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What is it about writers writing about writers writing?

In Edward St Aubyn’s ‘A Clue to the Exit’ (2000), successful screenwriter, Charlie, is given six months to live and decides to use the time writing an important novel about death. All very serious sounding. But also, as a reader should expect from St Aubyn, a hoot. Charlie’s literary friend Lola always thought he had … Continue reading What is it about writers writing about writers writing?

Contender for Best Title Ever?

I often read by word-of-mouth, taking recommendations from trusted friends and persuasive book reviews. Otherwise, I’m a pedestrian buyer of books. By which I mean, I walk into places – book shops, school fetes, charity fairs – and see what takes my fancy. I judge a book by its cover. By the name of the … Continue reading Contender for Best Title Ever?

Show and Tell

There was a best-selling book back in the 1980s. At the time, it felt like the peak of self-help advice. The only one of the rules I remembered from Robert Fulghum’s ‘All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten’ (1986) was about holding someone’s hand when you cross the road. The writing rule that … Continue reading Show and Tell

Poetry in a Bookshop

Is there a better venue for a poetry reading than a park on a lovely, sunny spring day? Well, a bookshop has got to be good! I’m looking forward to an evening of poetry at Rabbit Books in Wagga Wagga this coming Friday. I’m especially looking forward to hearing the poetry of Joan Cahill and Connor … Continue reading Poetry in a Bookshop