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Finals Season

We have a number of public holidays at this time of year. People take time off to mass in droves at their favoured footy ground. If it’s not football, it’s horse racing. It feels like sport gets more than its fair share of acknowledgement and bunting. Because it is also finals season in the literary … Continue reading Finals Season


On the Caine Gang

Young people probably only know him as Batman’s butler, but Michael Caine was once hotter than any Bruce Wayne. I recently revisited one of my favourite movies of his, with some trepidation. I first saw it on television. We didn’t have DVDs, streaming or any sort of instant access (I know, tell the kids of … Continue reading On the Caine Gang

Wives of Poets & Beards of Poets

I picked this novel up because of the title: ‘The Poet’s Wives’ (2014). I was interested in the assumption in the wives part of it. Once I started reading I wondered whether this was in fact a novel, or three linked novellas. It’s difficult to say but the title, if nothing else, reveals a driving … Continue reading Wives of Poets & Beards of Poets