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Giving Me the Hairy Eyeball

‘Fluffy Dice’ was first published in The Mozzie 2006. Time has not been the great educator. I am still trying to work things out! Fluffy Dice  What is the symbolism of the furry dice hanging from the rear vision mirror anyway? And why don’t I know? Why did she just say hooroo Where in the blue blazes … Continue reading Giving Me the Hairy Eyeball

All Wound Up

There are many different types of books out there, including the ones I feel I should read. I’m sure most serious readers have such a list of books lurking in the back of their minds. Big books. Important books. Challenging books. Like David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest’ (1996). (Which I mention in jest – it has … Continue reading All Wound Up

In History’s Page

Australians aren’t very good at history. A bald statement, but as today is the day designated for celebrating our nation, it is worth noting that at school I was taught that Captain Cook discovered Australia. More recently, ask what we are celebrating on Australia Day and adults (including a current Minister and Member of Parliament) … Continue reading In History’s Page

Readers Writing About Reading

I happened upon a wonderful distraction. As the world outside burns (and there is too much to think about that), the London Review of Books has launched a new website and left their entire archive open for free. Issues from 1979-2020 are a click away. But only for the month of January. As it indicates … Continue reading Readers Writing About Reading