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Best Xmas Gift

There’s no debate that the best Christmas present for a reader is a book. But what about for a writer? A pen, endless supplies of ink and paper, or a computer that never glitches? A room of one's own? Time? Or is being published the present a writer craves? Over the last couple of months … Continue reading Best Xmas Gift


How to Spend Eternity

Ever wanted to be in the noble ranks – rich, privileged, without a care? I hadn’t, but then I saw the tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Effigy She lies in ethereal light cast through high windows stained with rubies, blues, the colours of the sun and crucifixes   She reminds you to pray intercede her … Continue reading How to Spend Eternity

The Place of the Pun in Literature: is there one?

Is there a place for the pun in literature? Short answer. No! And yet I bought a copy of ‘The Meowmorphosis’ (2011) by Franz Kafka (no doubt turning in his grave) and Coleridge Cook. The cover is just too cute. Judging the book by its cover, instead of Gregor Samsa transforming into something ugly and … Continue reading The Place of the Pun in Literature: is there one?