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The Cover Reveal

I’m extraordinarily happy with the cover of my poetry collection which is being published by Close-Up Books later in the year.           More news to follow!           Feature Image: Drawing back the curtain to reveal... In this case, Rembrandt’s The Holy Family, 1646.


Even Without a Plot

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gao Xingjian, warned in a postscript to his short story collection: There is no plot, as is found in most fiction. I read a lot of short stories, in anthologies and in collections. I enjoy the form and I usually find some enjoyment in the individual examples. Rarely … Continue reading Even Without a Plot

Poets Make the News

Poetry is something many reckon they’d fancy trying their hand at, and what far fewer are keen on reading. It does nothing materially. Its existence is suddenly remembered and found to be indispensible at the important moments in life: weddings, funerals, in love letters. Totalitarian dictators lock up poets. And very occasionally, poets make it … Continue reading Poets Make the News

A further instalment in writers writing about writers writing

Seriously, when I’m deciding on the next book to read, I don’t go searching for novels about writers writing. And yet, so often in the last couple of years these stories just keep turning up. The latest novel to fall in with the theme literally arrived on my doorstep in a box with a bunch … Continue reading A further instalment in writers writing about writers writing

What a Novel Can Do

‘The Hamilton Case’ (2004), an early novel from the phenomenal Michelle de Kretser, is an extraordinary evocation of place. I came to it expecting a murder mystery – the one in the title – and instead went on a journey along the city streets and jungle paths of Ceylon. The first section is presented as … Continue reading What a Novel Can Do