Giving Me the Hairy Eyeball

‘Fluffy Dice’ was first published in The Mozzie 2006. Time has not been the great educator. I am still trying to work things out! Fluffy Dice  What is the symbolism of the furry dice hanging from the rear vision mirror anyway? And why don’t I know? Why did she just say hooroo Where in the blue blazes … Continue reading Giving Me the Hairy Eyeball

Contrary Contronyms

I’ve been thinking about how flammable the landscape is at the moment. I’ve also been thinking about how inflammable the landscape is. Which sent me down the rabbit (or wombat) hole of realising I’m worrying doubly about the same thing. The situation with the bushfires in this part of the world does deserve more than a … Continue reading Contrary Contronyms

Less is More

I really should just settle into an esoteric niche with my reading and give up the rest. Without specifically searching them out, so many books I pick up turn out to be about writers. Writers, it seems, like to write about writers. Just in the last year I read Richard Flanagan’s ‘First Person’ (2017), Miriam Toews … Continue reading Less is More

Devouring Loathsome Dainties

It’s hard to imagine a list of recommended Christmas reading without some crime and detective fiction on it. Something to get the heart racing while you’re lazing on the beach, shifting with the shade when the sun glances off the page /screen obscuring the clues and the thrilling dénouement. Imagine a world without this sort … Continue reading Devouring Loathsome Dainties


I was told by young ones that ‘lush’ has skipped its linguistic boundaries and burst from the constraints of the lexicon. Actually, to be totally accurate, we were reading a work of poetry and a student exclaimed: lush! Lush – luxurious growth vs Lush – great, amazing, rich and extravagant. But something more too... The … Continue reading Lush