Readers Writing About Reading

I happened upon a wonderful distraction. As the world outside burns (and there is too much to think about that), the London Review of Books has launched a new website and left their entire archive open for free. Issues from 1979-2020 are a click away. But only for the month of January. As it indicates … Continue reading Readers Writing About Reading


There have been some sustained quakes of excitement amongst the type of people who count Discworld as one of their favourite holiday destinations. Yes, Terry Pratchett fans, I’m talking about you. Excitement can be tinged with anxiety when such a beloved book is adapted to the screen, whether big and silver or small (though have … Continue reading Pre-Reading

Winter’s Reading

If on a winters’ night a traveller had come and described this novel to me, I’d have gone cross-eyed and then run a mile. I knew Italo Calvino was a name uttered with reverence, but I came upon his ‘If on a Winters’ Night a Traveller’ (1980; English translation 1983) cold, so to speak. It … Continue reading Winter’s Reading

Greene and Red

My recent reading went down another rabbit hole, starting with Graham Greene’s ‘Monsignor Quixote’ (1982), which came to me on recommendation. Does everyone have a Graham Greene phase as an early adult? ‘Our Man in Havana’ (1958) and ‘Travels with my Aunt’ (1969) are probably my favourites, but it depends which day you ask. Without … Continue reading Greene and Red